Search hashtags, join groups, look at trending posts, and look for topics relevant to your brand. Notice any overlaps from these posts with your business competition. A TikTok business account is a great way to learn about trends and become a TikTok Pro.

Designate which nonprofit they support from their profile. The feature rolled out in late 2020 to enable other users to donate directly to specific nonprofits from within the app. Individual users can now spread awareness of your organization directly from their accounts.

On the Chinese version of TikTok called Douyin, there is a feature that is likely to come to accounts worldwide soon. It allows creators to attach a shopping cart to the products they sell. So you can start a stream and hold an auction, and people can bid for your artwork and buy Views it while you are Live. Your account should have a specific original concept – this is something that is most likely to attract followers.

At least if you’re looking to appeal to a younger demographic. It’s no surprise that fashion would be the first of the American brands to debut on TikTok. Guess partnered with TikTok back in 2018 with its #InMyDenim challenge.

This is also why this advertising option comes at a high cost. As for campaign costs, TikTok advertising isn’t a cheap option. In the US, 29.5% of active TikTok users are aged 20 to 29, and 30.3% of users are between the ages of 30 and 49. Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox.

There are several different ways to keep your followers, and using a series style is certainly one of the best and most addictive ones. In fact, users will follow you for your style, for your ideas and your content. Whether you’re planning to redirect users to other pages or simply direct traffic to your website, this is a great way to promote your online business. Other than writing an appealing bio, you’ll want to add a link to it to ultimately grow your email list with TikTok. Much like any other platform, partnering with an influencer is a great advertising strategy if you are a small business. In a short time, professionals will increase the number of “hearts” to any chosen post.

Nike is one of the leading figures of this trend as the company itself doesn’t even have its own videos published, but the hashtag #nike has almost 1 billion views with millions of videos. Read more about buy TikTok Packages here. People today have become more selective and no longer follow everyone. Therefore, it is more difficult for beginners to acquire a large number of followers and get likes, and in fact these indicators influence the way other users perceive the author. It is important not only to regularly publish content, but also to think carefully about the account promotion, taking into consideration the current trends in the world of promotion. Professionals specializing on the social network accounts promotion will organize a large number of video reposts without violating TikTok rules, the job will be done efficiently and quickly. The prices for the services are delightful for any customer.

This doesn’t mean creating short, no-value videos that aren’t entertaining. Rather, don’t drag out a video if your message can be communicated more efficiently. Also, videos that get noticed on TikTok are usually fresh ideas or new twists that are entertaining for users to watch. Building a niche lets your followers distinguish who you are and what you offer. This is the most effective way to make your audience stay and watch more of the content you put out.

In fact, it would help if you were able to use TikTok as an extension of your brand. You can do this by promoting new products and services or even just doing TikTok in your daily life to show the world what you’re up to. Keep your captions as short as possible, but also interesting.