You can also compare multiple competitors at once and benchmark your performance against theirs. This is one of the rare tools that not only provides in-depth competitor analytics but also allows competitor benchmarking. So, you can track your performance with those of your competitors side-by-side, in a visual and easy-to-understand manner. Lido is an all-in-one platform where you can gather data from multiple sources, work with it in a spreadsheet, and create custom reports, dashboards, and apps on top of your sheet.

You’ll win more engagement with outstanding photos and clever captions than by flooding your account with subpar content. After registering with your chosen software, you’ll need to connect your business accounts. Your software tools should provide you clear guidance during this step. Often, this process asks you to provide your Instagram account name and password and authorize the connection between your Instagram account and the third-party tool.

For more details, we’ve got a whole blog post to help you make the most of your Instagram Stories analytics. From the overview analytics screen, scroll down to Content You Shared, then click the right arrow next to your number of Stories. You can also find the analytics for any individual Instagram post by clicking the View Insights link under the post in your feed. Hootsuite Impact is available for all Hootsuite Business and Enterprise plan users. Hootsuite Analytics allows you to track Instagram analytics in more detail than the native Instagram Insights.

Without a strategy and specific tools, this can be unbelievably hard sometimes. Perhaps this explains why Instagram is now the popular platform for following brands. This showcases not only the opportunities to sell products on Instagram, but also provide customer service and support. An oft-cited stat that has ticked upward year-over-year, 90% of people now follow a business on Instagram. Look no further than the consistent roll-out of new business features and shopping options for ecommerce merchants as evidence of how the platform is becoming more brand-friendly. While there’s been some skepticism about whether or not influencers would stand the test of time, the numbers don’t lie.

It provides you with advanced insights to help you optimize your overall social media strategy. A few of its unique features include Instagram Stories analytics, engagement metrics, and hashtag and competitor tracking. In the world of Instagram, your indirect competitors are as important. Every brand/business in social media competes for users’ attention.

You don’t have to install any complex software, all you need it to enter the account link and press Analyze. Enter any account you are interested in to get its precise statistics. We’re sharing Socialinsider’s report templates as a starting point for your reporting to help you out. Depending on your clients’, they may want to see their social performance in PDF, PowerPoint, or Excel. Your Instagram report will not be complete without actionable insights.

Read more about buy Instagram Followers here. What’s a good engagement rate to shoot for as a brand on Instagram?. According to this 2018 benchmark by Rival IQ , anything over 1.75% is above average after the recent algorithm changes. If you’re struggling to hit that level, try these 21 Powerful Tips to Increase Instagram Engagement.