Remember this always and never attach your self worth to external results. But by providing value, showing support of others, and focusing on getting better day by day, you can build a career you’re proud of and that provides fulfillment in your life. The problem was I hadn’t yet dialed in my messaging or my offer. I didn’t do enough market research to know exactly what artists wanted and I didn’t know how to properly target them. We wasted thousands of dollars with little to show for it until I fired the agency and shut the campaign down. I was overweight, slow, and had very little endurance in high school.

By doing this you are influencing the algorithm to work in your favour and your post is more likely to appear on the explore page. Here are5 tipsto help you successfully promote your music on Instagram. Wondering what are the best ways to promote your music on Instagram? Well, don’t forget to caption it right – Your creativity within that 22,000-character limit with a captivating photo spreads through the Insta-masses to make a place in their heart. For any space remaining, you can also upload a screenshot of your blog to present an accurate picture. Surprising but true, they come pre-organised with the right resources, connection and reach to help you sing out to new audiences.

This is all about creating anticipation, and is entirely useless if you don’t build it up. Post something weekly around a specific theme and create a custom hashtag for it too (i.e. #FridayCheatDay for when you have a “cheat” meal on your diet). The Instagram app itself doesn’t let you write line breaks. So, you’ll have to format your bio in something like your notes app, then copy and paste it into your bio field on Instagram.

Get your music copyrighted before putting it upfront for a larger benefit. Wondering about the consequences of not going through with this? We presume you know how a non-copyrighted music release ends up. The image you use to promote these notes should thus speak out your story with an apt caption.

Use your creative mind or hire a professional tagline maker to add a suitable caption to the cover image. Yes, we know you have been doing it all the way throughout your presence on Instagram. A trendy hashtag helps put your music out to the world. To give you a better insight, here’s how it works for you. A music publisher serves with this promotion by charging commission on the number of sales or download.

Also known as ‘Sync’ or synchronisation in the world of music, maintaining it is the publisher’s sole responsibility. So, don’t worry as he or she will be the one responsible for its use and will also ensure you receive a considerable value for your work of art, i.e., music. The key thing is to do little and often and don’t let it become burdensome.

You can post videos up to 60 seconds in your feed, so post short video clips of you or the band performing a song. Read more about here. Another idea is to post short tutorial videos showing your fans how to play a song or demonstrate a certain technique. Record a short video explaining the meaning behind your lyrics. Share videos from your live gigs or of the live audience and ask fans to comment if they were there.