The more you bid, the more your ad is likely to be seen by maximum users. Once you have configured your ad group, you can start designing your ad with Tik Tok’s video tool kit. Read more about buy TikTok Share here. The Tik Tok video tool kit facilitates custom video ads with the templates, fonts and images of your choice. Tik Tok has also automated creative optimization, which automatically combines the information into an ad and keeps improving the design to find the best-performing combination. Businesses want to increase their reach to connect with more and more potential customers. When your ad is directed towards a well-targeted audience, you are likely to get more conversion as the audience is interested in what you showcase.

It’s a love of creativity that connects our billion-strong community. That’s why our business solutions are set up to help you slot naturally into their world. Instead of your brand story being skipped over or ignored, it can be celebrated as part of the TikTok experience. When a user clicks on the sponsored hashtag, they are redirected to a landing page with the sponsor’s logo, website link, challenge description, and the most popular videos using the hashtag. This ad format is more direct than In-Feed Ads because your ad is the first thing the user sees when they open the app.

The reason being that some viewers may watch your videos without sound. Understanding demographics, locations, and niches is a huge part of any effective TikTok marketing strategy. This is one of the most important steps but is often overlooked by many TikTok creators for the sake of only getting tons of views without any expected returns. If your business is not on TikTok yet, what’s stopping you? With over 800 million active monthly users worldwide, TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed since its humble beginnings back in 2016. In-Feed Video is an ad campaign with a 5 to 15 seconds long video in the users’ feed.

Remember, it has a very specific demographic, so tread lightly, keep it fun, and make it shareable for that audience. As you can probably tell, these ad specifications indicate that TikTok ads are meant to blend into the average customer experience as much as possible. If you have a self-serve account, you can use TikTok’s chart to see which geographic ad targeting options are available to you based on the location of the owner account. “Automated Creative Optimization” which helps you automate the process of creating, delivering, and optimizing your ads. “Video Creation Kit” which provides you with a variety of video templates and allows you to create videos by using your existing images, without needing to be a pro editor. This method is a doubly effective strategy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, where many in-person services have been forced to find a way to offer something different virtually.

However, this ban was interim and was soon lifted as the order violated the fundamental right to free speech mentioned under Article 19 of the Constitution of India. There are several types of influencers, who can be distinguished from others by the number of followers, type of content they post, the level of influence, and market segment they operate in. There is no fixed number as to how many followers a user needs in order to become an influencer. Notably, Pinterest also includes a prohibition against conversion therapy content as well as against misgendering and deadnaming. We used to log on to share updates and interact with friends.

What separates TikTok ads from other platforms is the ability to collaborate with audiences, as brands can create viral trends to encourage user-generated content . This in turn can cast the net wider, outside of the brand’s typical targeted demographic, leading to mass brand awareness and familiarity, in addition to potential conversions. The TikTok ads platform allows you to define several parameters for your campaign, such as your main objective and budget, as well as your target audience. This helps to ensure that your brand isn’t promoted to people to whom your products and services are irrelevant, such as those from a specific age group. In some cases, hashtag campaigns conclude with some form of end goal or prize to help motivate users to participate, but that isn’t always necessary. Fashion brand Guess launched an extremely successful hashtag campaign asking their customers to model their favorite Guess denim, sharing their looks in TikTok videos tagged #InMyDenim.