As the number of followers on TikTok increases, you are given a higher position within the algorithm of this social media platform. As a result, you are more likely to feature in people’s recommendations and feeds. If you are using TikTok to promote your business or your brand, it was a great idea to share your personal story with them. This could mean giving people an insight into what goals behind the scenes of your videos. This is a highly effective method to build relationships with your customers, followers, or viewers.

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As we suspected, our engagement was awful — the followers we bought did not even translate to an increase in views on our TikTok videos, let alone likes or shares. We’re thrilled to share the insights we’ve learned from our latest social media experiment around buying TikTok followers. Once again, we teamed up with Stacey McLachlan to conduct this experiment. All you have to do is buy TikTok likes online until your account is self-sustaining. It saves you time from putting all those tags on your videos, following people and asking them to follow or like you back. TikTok’s algorithm will assume you must be someone famous and that people like your videos.

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Branded Effects – With branded effects’ ad format, you can customize your ads using AR filters, lenses, and stickers. These effects will help you add a unique appearance to your ad and drastically draw your audience’s attention. Both of these videos appear side by side on the TikTok screen in a square format. This is because people are more inclined to believe what other users are saying. To do so, you should make the upcoming/ new trend applicable to your specific niche.

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