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Only you can see that by looking at your ‘inbox’ on your account. However, your followers and other users can see if a like came through another person’s video because TikTok built its platform through the sharing model most social media sites use. Yet, this is another good reason to avoid using the cheapest websites for buying your likes. These companies are using fake or bot-based accounts to like your videos. This can damage your account because TikTok does consider the origin of the like when it analyzes your videos.

The instant messaging app is growing in popularity across the globe and provides great marketing opportunities once it is integrated with Facebook and Instagram. It’s better to make a brilliant content, instead of trying to buy views or likes. You can’t become popular buying hearts, content is a key to success. Though buying TikTok followers could help you get started, you need genuine organic TikTok growth if you’re looking to get paid in the future. Buzzoid seems better designed for Instagram since it offers additional services for the platform. Still, if you’re looking for an effective growth service platform for your TikTok without breaking the bank, Buzzoid is the way to go.

The whole point of the drip-feed feature is to prevent the TikTok algorithm from spotting an unnatural growth in engagement that violates the TikTok terms of service. As you could imagine, if you have 500 followers and get 50,000 views in 2 hours, that scenario is highly unlikely and will cause your account to be reviewed for possible violations. Furthermore, all of our payment methods make use of cutting-edge security protocols to ensure that your payment information remains 100% safe and secure.

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