Track what you do that gets more followers, then do the stuff that’s successful and skip the stuff that’s not. Just like in every social group, there are a handful of people on Instagram who are going to be very influential. In How to Research Your Online Art Market, we detail how to figure out where your ideal clients are hanging out, and who they listen to when they’re online. Remember that Instagram is a social network where you make friends and interact with people, instead of just another place to post your art. Instagram has a culture of being open to awesome stuff. While it’s normal to ask for sales or pitch your art, you’ll have the most long-term success if you build relationships.

Scroll down until you find ‘Report a Problem’ menu item, select this and choose ‘Something isn’t working’ from the popup menu. Fill in the form and tap on the Send button. Don’t get me wrong, the intention is good, in general. It is designed to get rid off fake accounts and spammers that had riddled the service for so long.

Their followers are going to notice you more and more in the comments section and will naturally go check out your account. I have added all the hashtags inside Preview – yes Preview again. I am creating the app I need for my own business and I want to help you grow too. If you sell “handmade gold jewelry”, write these keywords in your caption and hashtags. Think of any photo or video you want to take. Read more about here. Jump on Instagram or Pinterest to get inspiration from other creators.

You can watch the video or read the written version below. Sometimes it does seem like the only prerequisite to being successful on Instagram is to… be successful on Instagram. You might even be wondering if this is the right platform for you.I get it. Every article I read from you is always very helpful.

So not only can a carousel ad help you show more visuals, but you can also use it to offer more distinct messaging. Carousels let you pack a lot of information into the real estate of a single Instagram ad. First, there’s a quick transition on-screen, which attracts our attention. Then, a friendly face takes up most of the screen, so it feels like they’re talking directly to us.

Since I also had problems with Gmail, I decided to change that too. If you work through automated services, it’s your own risk! We don’t give guarantee for such accounts, we’ll never refund your mistakes. If an account asks Phone Verification (probably you’ve used a flagged IP) You must add your own phone number. If you can’t login in the account within 24h We will replace it.

Look, I’m joking around but I know this isn’t funny. There are some accounts out there with hundreds of thousands of followers who aren’t making sales from it. And on the other end, there are many much smaller accounts with 500, 1000 followers who make sales thanks to Instagram regularly. Hundreds of millions of users, the infinite potential to market your handmade products and to grow your shop. Im just trying to think of how i would connect with someone who could help me grow my hair extensions business. I do all the hash tags and ive done paid promotions, which after a week all drop off and are completely an unrelated target audience.

With more people open to pre-worn wear, it’s easier than ever to make money from selling retro fashion. Try starting your own eCommerce store to sell your product through your own custom storefront. If you’re into digital arts and specialize in visual effects and motion graphics, selling After Effects templates could be a great way to exercise your skill and make an extra buck.