By increasing your presence in the group, they will most likely check out your profile and follow you. Part of growing your business is reaching new potential customers. When you promote a post on Instagram you’re sharing your existing content with new audiences who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to see it.

Sign up for a weekly catch up of the blog posts you may have missed, the recent products I’m adoring and my latest looks. It surprises me still, how many people have never heard of the Photoshop Express app. Ask them what they would edit images on on their computer, and 95% would say Photoshop, yet they never thought to look for the app. It’s easy and does everything you could possibly want.

When sharing content on Instagram, it’s vital you utilise Instagram hashtags. The reason being you will maximise your chances of reach, engagement and potential growth. Just set-up your content queue and add the Instagram content. To do this, open your account and click on the ‘Setup queue’ option on the homepage. You also get one clickable link that you can add to your profile, so it’s worth putting some thought into how best you can use it. Many brands use it to link to their websites but that may not be the most beneficial way to use it.

And, these interactions will make them want to engage with your posts as well. Another great tip when it comes to scheduling your posts is to check out what times your audience is most engaged. You can do this through Later’sBest Time to Post feature which will tell you your top posting times for getting the most engagement. So for example, while you could be scheduling posts going out in two weeks, your teammate could be working on the captions for the posts going live next week.

Oh and for selfies, get right in front of your window so that you’re facing outside, as the lighting will be so much more flattering. Next up I had a beautiful box of Eclairs sent to my flat for tasting. They looked too good to eat, and of course they were perfect for my Instagram feed. Whilst I could have photographed them lying alone on the desk, I styled up the shot with a peony and a lit candle. It added more colour and created a more interesting layout. Read more about buy IG packages here. It became a lifestyle shot, creating a reflection of my workspace and potential interests, rather than just a plain shot of a box of eclairs.

Tap whichever icon you have and selectSettings and privacy. When you sync your contacts, contacts from your device’s address book will be uploaded to Twitter on an ongoing basis. You can create curated collections on the Contributor portal to organize and present your best work to buyers. You can create as many collections as you like, but only two of them can be featured on your Contributor profile page. Click Make profile cover image and the photo will appear in the top area of your profile page.