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Years passed, and the Akatsuki’s plans were transferring along smoothly. To higher aide within the mercenary part of their plan, Akatsuki began to go looking out and discover the Tailed Beasts, beings of massive chakra and destructive power. After they captured the Tailed Beasts, Akatsuki planned to create a powerful weapon with them, one sturdy enough to fully take out villages and cities with ease. With this weapon, Akatsuki would auction this weapon off to the best bidder in times of battle, making sure every nation and nation knew the implications of battle and would do their finest to stop it. The first time the Akatsuki despatched its members to capture a Tailed Beast was when itachi necklace Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki were sent to Konohagakure to capture the Nine-Tailed Fox demon housed inside Naruto Uzumaki. After running into some opposition, the 2 had been compelled to leave empty-handed and return to the Akatsuki lair, getting ready the method to extract the opposite Tailed Beasts.

Akatsuki was based by Madara Uchiha after he was expelled from his hometown of Konohagakure. Although initially meant solely to mask Madara’s movements, Akatsuki ultimately began taking part in assassinations and espionage. By the start of the present storyline, Akatsuki’s ambitions develop to plans of world domination. To mark this more dynamic objective, Akatsuki increases its activity throughout the sequence as it attempts to capture the nine highly effective tailed beasts. Each member is assigned to capture a selected beast or its current host, at which point Akatsuki convenes to extract the beast and seal it away for their grand plan. Because the Akatsuki chief, Pain, explains it, once all nine beasts have been captured Akatsuki will be able to harness their great strength to start out world wars at their leisure. With the world governments unable to deal with the beasts’ energy, Akatsuki shall be turned to for salvation, teaching the world the futility of combating and giving Akatsuki full control in the process. As of Naruto manga chapter 419, Akatsuki has captured seven of the tailed beasts.

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Nagato already was struggling with the state of the world when his best good friend Yahiko fell. Though that twisted his mind, it was Tobi who corrupted him and turned Akatsuki into a pressure of destruction. When heartbroken and misplaced, Ache grew to become a shell of himself. Obito capitalized on the vulnerable Nagato and made a monstrous puppet out of the once powerful and type ninja.