We’ll show you examples of personal branding as an individual with a company in your name, for a company you built with a unique name, and as part of a larger corporate team. Surveys show that 92% of consumers trust earned media from individuals over other modes of advertising. 82% of potential customers will trust a company more if its senior execs are active on social channels, and sales leads generated through employees’ social platforms yield a 7x higher conversion rate. A personal brand can create opportunities for media appearances and even job opportunities.

Give a birds-eye-lens as a sales rep. Share a few trends you’ve observed in the last while. List a few pain points that are common among your customers, specifically ones that you can help solve. If you want to rise above the competition and stand out, you will have to boost the level of trust others have in you. You won’t be able to establish trust if you’re aren’t willing to put yourself out there.

Zero in on the market that you think you can serve the best and work on only that market until you have achieved some level of recognition. Once you have mastered that market, then maybe consider adding on additional, intersecting ones. Don’t be afraid to show people that you’re a wiz at writing, a gaming pro, or even that you once won a chicken wing eating contest one time. We all have a personal brand, whether you want to believe it or not.

He believes the DE&I Employee Networks are a huge step in the right direction. In 2016, we launched a product that we thought would be brilliant, CVS Health Single Serve Cold & Flu Cups, where the cold medicine went right through the coffee maker. People felt squeamish about over-the-counter cold medicines being delivered through the same machine that makes their coffee or tea.

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Former corporate lawyer turned author and founder Eloise Skinner describes her own professional awakening catalysed by the pandemic in episode 81 of the Career Relaunch® podcast. But take a closer look and there’s more toInventing Annathan a girlboss-flavoredFyre Festival. We are living in the age of the personal brand, where image is its own kind of currency — one that anyone with a knack for Instagram and/or the right brand name friendships can inevitably print. On the 5th episode of the Unfair Advantage Podcast, Ash and Hasan welcome their first guest – Robin Waite. Robin is a best-selling author of ‘Take your Shot’ and ‘Online Business Startup’, as well as the founder of Fearless coaching.

Through getting to know your target market, you’ll discover what media they prefer and how often they’d like new content. The material you put online shows your authority in your niche. It gives you a chance to showcase your skills and expertise. Read more about buy IG Followers here. Consistent, helpful content builds a relationship with your audience where they trust you to help them. Choose a few colors that resonate with your audience and the image you’re going for.