However, if you are using a hashtag from the list or creating your own custom hashtags there are a few tips to keeping them on-trend. Speaking of, using TikTok hashtags also helps identify who your competitors are. Checking out their content that uses the same hashtags is a smart way to plan out content ideas . Or, people can stumble across your videos when searching for a specific hashtag that you have used #WhatAreYouWaitingFor. You can set pictures to music and create a video, share your photography techniques and editing tips, or behind the scenes of your latest photoshoot.

This is a page only to see the videos from the accounts a user follows. Read more about buy TT Likes here. Users can also add videos, hashtags, filters, and sounds to their “saved” section. When creating a video, they can refer to their saved section, or create a video straight from it. This section is visible only to the user on their profile allowing them to refer to any video, hashtag, filter, or sound they’ve previously saved. TikTok and Douyin have almost the same user interface but no access to each other’s content. Their servers are each based in the market where the respective app is available.

Fifty SPC sites exist around the country with 13 brand new sites trained. ISWM raised more than $3 million through corporate partner activations and contributions, and $99,000 during Mother’s Day week through digital/direct marketing solicitations. If you want to learn more about brand collaborations and how to get them (even if you’re a micro-influencer), you can learn more on our site. These kinds of videos can show anything that people generally find satisfying or calming. It might be a satisfying video of watching someone paint, or a calming video of someone with a soothing voice speaking. Earlier we mentioned creative freedom while working with brands.

It may take time for you to get to this point, but selling your own products will give you more control over your brand and income. If you’re interested in pursuing brand sponsorships, just make sure you’re selective about the companies you work with. Just like with affiliate marketing, it’s the most effective when you promote companies you’re passionate about.

Part of their #crocsgames2020 campaign was posting and reposting videos of people using Crocs as substitute sports equipment. This is effective at aligning the brand with an active lifestyle, but still sticks to the absurdity expected of a TikTok video. It’s no wonder some brands are hesitant to jump onto TikTok.

With just a little boost, you can get the word out and get more people to attend an event or purchase a sale item. For instance, a retail brand can use TikTok’s Boost Post whenever they are sharing discounts and special offers. However, you’re noticing that your engagement and reach aren’t as high as they used to be. You’re looking up ways to “hack the algorithm” while searching the latest growth tactics. British broadcaster, the BBC, is using TikTok to directly engage with school-aged audiences through its BBC Bitesize account.