It will be good to increase the view count as much as possible. So, to grow your YouTube channel, consider promoting it on other social networks to get more views. YouTube can differentiate between a real account and a bot account. If you have purchased views from bot accounts, they will recognise that your views as coming from bots. While YouTube cannot say definitively whether you paid for these bots to view your video, they can make inferences based on your channel, video, and viewers. It is also, technically, not against YouTube’s Terms of Service to buy views or followers.

These typically come from copyright infringement, but there are other ways to get them too. Read more about buy YT Views here. If the channel has been monetized, it’s already making some money from ads each month. To give the channel a proper valuation, you’ll need to know the monthly ad revenue amount. There’s no shame in outsourcing some help to boost your channel, your credibility, and/or your brand or voice. The team behind this service is dedicated to helping you gain targeted exposure that results in creating credibility for your brand. On the FAQ section from each page on the site, the people behind this company strive to prevent suspicious activity on your account that can get you banned.

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