While TikTok’s primary market is engaged Gen Z content creators, the application has also attracted a host of other celebrities and market leaders, too. Create engagement by asking questions, contests, or challenges. Follow others including famous people in your type of content and other people generally to get more following back. The small videos have given a new paradigm to the promotion and entertainment on the web horizon. Meanwhile, music and TikTok seem to always go hand in hand. The popularity of TikTok depends a great deal on the music and voices.

By simply typing art or painting in Discover, you can access dozens of creators or videos by artists, some of which may be trending or viral already. One thing the TikTok algorithm doesn’t factor in is a TikTok profile’s follower count or prior engagement numbers. You’re as likely to see a post with a few million views as you are a video from a brand new user. People also love learning on TikTok, so if you have expertise in a certain subject, create informational videos to help people learn more about it. Quick bullet point videos work great for these, with text over the screen guiding the user through the mini-lesson. Likewise, people love shopping on TikTok, so sharing favorite products is also a surprisingly easy way to gain traction .

TikTok has over 1 billion users with over 100 million in the U.S. alone . If your brand is on social, you’ve GOT to be on TikTok! Also, it’s best not to exhaust all your content in a day—the goal is to post consistently. It could also potentially reduce the reach of both the videos and their chances of getting featured on the FYP.

You may have hours and hours of footage that needs to be cut down to make a ten-minute video which is why the editing process is so important. Shorter videos tend to be shared more because they are quick and easy. They also can get the point across in an easier and efficient way. Most of our tips so far have been about producing content that people want to watch and that they can relate to, but we aren’t going to stop at just that. Your content also needs to have a professional quality to it.

Pay attention to trending hashtags, and the kind of music that people in your audience tend to use when posting their own content. Aside from likes and follows, TikTok’s algorithm also prioritizes content based on how many people engage with your video. Read more about buy TikTok Followers here. If you can convince your customers to keep watching on repeat, you’ll rank higher, and find more viewers. Using trending music has higher chances of being presented to more viewers. Make full use of special sound effects and funny music to excel in the filed.

It is also notable that many users are interested in losing pounds. A recent study revealed that 21% feel more connected to brands that comment on either people’s posts. By engaging more with users in your comment sections and on other posts, you could get more exposure and interest in your content.

The traffic you get from the For You Page needs to be higher than your personal profile or following. You can get this data by clicking on the 3 dots on the bottom right of a video and selecting “analytics”. If you use your own original audio and your video gets traction, there’s a possibility that other creators will use your original audio for their TikToks. The best part is, your original video is credited as the first, which means more views for you!

In the Batch Effect, TikTok essentially shows your video to different batches of people at different times. The way users react determines whether or not your content gets shared with more people. The more views and interactions your video gets, the bigger—and greater number of— batches see it down the line. There are already many great examples of fitness success stories on TikTok. Study their profiles a bit to see what type of content they’re creating. Some of the names you should definitely check out are Demi Bagby, Antonie Lokhorst, Ulisses World, Jennifer Tavernier, Rebecca Louise, and Stevie Prince.